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Understanding Time Clock Violation Policy at MyWorkChoice ⏰
Understanding Time Clock Violation Policy at MyWorkChoice ⏰
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Hey there! Keeping our workplace fair and running smoothly is a team effort, and part of that includes sticking to our time clock rules. We've put together this quick guide to break down what you need to know.

What is a Time Clock Violation?

Any of the following actions are considered a timeclock violation:

Arriving Late:

Clocking in after your shift's scheduled start.

Leaving Early Without Approval:

Clocking out before your shift ends, without permission.

Skipping Break Clock-Outs:

Forgetting to clock out for designated breaks, only if this action is required for your location.

Failing to Clock In/Out:

Missing clock-in at the start or clock-out at the end of your shift. *(Excluding when a timeclock is down or malfunctioning).*

Showing Up Without a Scheduled Shift:

You will be unable to clock in if you are not scheduled for a shift.

How Will You Know If There’s a Violation?

If there's a violation, here's how you'll be informed:

From the Community Director:

Expect a message detailing the violation and how we can resolve it together.

Via In-Mail in the MWC App:

You'll receive a notification that includes all the details about the time clock violation.

Where to Find Information on Violations

To keep everything transparent there are several places you can refer to in the MWC App to view any time clock violations.

Shift Details Screen:

At the bottom of the details screen, you will find specific time clock violations that occurred during that shift.

Historical Shifts Screen:

Provides a look back at past shifts, where a time clock violation occurred. Reference below as an example.

Shift Restriction Tracker:

To see how many time clock violations you may have go to the shift restriction tracker screen.

The Impact of Time Clock Violations

Our goal isn't to penalize but to encourage you to keep the timeclock rules. However, repeated violations will lead to shift restrictions, determined by your Community Director.

Dispute a Violation

If you believe a violation has been incorrectly recorded, you can dispute it by:

Contact your Community Director with a detailed explanation and any supporting evidence.

How to Avoid Time Clock Violations

  • Set Personal Reminders:

    Use your phone or calendar to remind you about your shifts.

  • Double-Check Schedules:

    Regularly check your scheduled shifts in the MWC App.

  • Communication is Key:

    Immediately let your Community Director know of any scheduling conflicts.

Following these time clock rules is a collective effort that keeps things running smoothly for everyone. Use the MWC App as your primary tool for managing your schedule effectively, and keep in mind, your Community Director is available to support you with any issues or questions.

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