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Reliability Rating
A Guide to Reliability Rating
A Guide to Reliability Rating

Reliability Rating

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The Star Rating just got an upgrade. 😎

We're excited to introduce the Reliability Rating, a transparent rating system that gives workers with higher ratings more choices.

Starting April 1st, everyone will begin with a 100 Reliability Rating. *To maintain a high rating only schedule shifts you can work.*

Here’s what you need to know:

About the Reliability Rating

The Reliability Rating is a straightforward way to measure your dependability and determines your shift access. Your rating is directly tied to the shifts you've scheduled and your track record of successfully working them.

You can view your Reliability Rating anytime on the dashboard screen.

Why Your Rating Matters

Your Reliability Rating determines access to shifts. The higher your rating, the more choices you’ll have. Quickly see your access level with the banners on the My Shifts screen or reference the color of the Reliability Rating icon.

🟢 Priority Access – 80-100 🟢

Workers with Priority Access are the most reliable and get first choice in picking up shifts. As soon as shifts are published workers will have immediate access.

🟡 Standard Access - 60-79 🟡

Standard Access will give workers the ability to pick up any open shifts after priority access workers. When shifts are posted in the app, there is a one-hour waiting period before these workers can pick up shifts.

🔴 Limited Access - Below 59 🔴

Workers with Limited Access are eligible to pick up shifts that begin either on the same day or the next day. However, when new shifts are posted in the app for these days, workers must wait two hours before they can pick up the shift.

How is My Rating Calculated?

After April 1st, your rating is scored based on the last 4 weeks where you’ve scheduled and worked a shift. The rating will be updated daily at 4 am (EST) in the app.

On the Reliability Rating screen, track your rating over time. Each week is important, a low-scoring week will be counted in your rating until you’ve scheduled and worked five additional weeks. After that period, it will “fall off” your rating score.

*Pro-tip: to maintain a high rating make sure to only schedule shifts you know you can work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will not scheduling shifts affect my Reliability Rating?

No, your rating will remain the same. If you choose to not schedule any shifts for a period of time that will not impact your rating. We value work-life balance, which means taking a break from working shifts won't hurt your rating.

What if a facility cancels my shift? Will my rating be impacted?

No, if a shift is cancelled your rating will not be impacted. It will not count for or against you.

What benefits are associated with different ratings?

Higher ratings grant quicker access to shift scheduling including overtime opportunities pending the job. Lower ratings limit your ability to schedule shifts in advance.

How can I improve my Reliability Rating if it's low?

A low-scoring week will be removed from your rating score after five weeks of working. Please make sure to only schedule shifts you're confident you can work and complete them.

How is the Reliability Rating calculated?

Your rating is scored based on the last 4 weeks where you’ve scheduled/worked a shift plus the current week.

How often will my Reliability Rating update?

Your rating updates daily at 4 am (EST) reflecting your most recent shift activity.

Can my Reliability Rating decrease, and what would cause this?

Yes, your rating can decrease if you scheduled shifts but do not work them. This could include no call no showing and dropping shifts.

What if I didn’t clock in? Will that affect my rating.

Yes, not clocking in or letting MyWorkChoice you are at the facility will directly impact your rating. We need to verify you showed up and worked the shift.

Is there a grace period for new workers to build their Reliability Rating?

All new workers will receive a 100 Reliability Rating from the start. If they no call no show or drop their first shift it will not count against them.

How can I view my Reliability Rating history and progress?

View your rating history on the Historical My Shifts screen or on Reliability Rating screen.

What happens if there's an emergency and I can't work a scheduled shift?

In case of emergencies, drop your shift immediately in the app. Please note dropping a last-minute shift will impact your rating however, contact your Community Director to tell them the situation and they may over-rule.

Are there any exceptions to how the Reliability Rating is calculated?

Our primary focus is the shifts you’ve scheduled versus worked shifts, but special circumstances and emergencies are considered to ensure fairness.

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