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How to Clock In & Out Using the App 📲
How to Clock In & Out Using the App 📲
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At limited locations, MyWorkChoice workers may use the app to clock in and out of scheduled shift(s) as well as clock in and out for breaks during the shift.

If you have any questions about clocking in or out using the mobile app please reach out to your Community Director or send us a chat message.

👉 Clock In

Once you have arrived at your work location and are in the building, open and log in to the MyWorkChoice app.

Your next upcoming shift will be displayed on the dashboard. Once you are within the timeclock grace period, you will see the green, “Clock In” button.

Press the "clock in" button once you are ready to get to work.

👉 Clock Out for a Break

You can also use the app to clock out of any breaks by selecting the "Start Unpaid Break button. Once your break is over select “End Break” once you're ready to get back to work.

👉 Clock Out

When your shift is over, open the app and select the red button “Clock Out.”

You will receive a notification screen where you'll confirm that you're clocking out of your shift.

On the dashboard, you'll see the shift has been completed. Nice work!

Please Note: Following our timeclock rules is important to keep operations running smoothly. Failure to follow our timeclock guidelines will lead to Time Clock Violations, which could result in a temporary shift restriction. For questions, you may send us a chat message or reach out to your Community Director.

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