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Update 1.39 (June 2022)

MyWorkChoice Mobile App Update June 2022

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Released June 24th, 2022.

New Features & Updates

🔔 Notify me if available - Addition to the 'Available Shift' screen. Opt-in to push notifications the moment a shift has an opening. Ensure you have push notifications enabled, and act fast to open the app and pick up the shift

How to use:

  1. On Available shifts screen, click filters in top left corner -

  2. Ensure 'Show filled shifts' is set to on

  3. On the list of shifts, if a shift is full, you will see a toggle to add yourself to the list. if it is green, you are on the list!

  4. Ensure you have your push notifications enabled

  5. Wait for a notification, when received, open the app quickly to then pick up the shift.

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