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How to Clock-In Using a MyWorkChoice Kiosk ⏱
How to Clock-In Using a MyWorkChoice Kiosk ⏱
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Clocking into your shift is a very important step so that we know you showed up and that you get paid for the hours you worked. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to use the MyWorkChoice time clock kiosk tablet.

Please Note: You must be on time to work your scheduled shift and work the entire shift time. MyWorkChoice employees are allowed to clock in up to 15 minutes before your scheduled shift to avoid long wait times.

How to Clock-In

First login to the MyWorkChoice app and find your "timeclock pin" which will be on the home screen under your name and Reliability Rating in a blue box. (Reference below).

Next, go to the MyWorkChoice kiosk tablet in the facility and enter your "timeclock pin" and select "login."

Next, select the green button that says "clock in" on the right side of the screen.

Once you select "clock in" the next screen with include shift details. Select the green button "start shift" and that will officially clock you in.

You'll be able to confirm you're clocked in by seeing the timer start and a red button on the top right of the screen that says "end shift."

Once you've successfully clocked in, select the "sign out" button located on the bottom left of the screen below your employee info and name.

How to Clock Out During a Break

*Some facilities require you to clock out for your lunch or dinner break. Please contact your Community Director if you're not sure if this applies to you.*

Click on the yellow button that says "start break (unpaid)" under the time clock and after log out.

Clock Out End Shift

Make sure that when you take a break or your shift ends please clock out using the following steps.

Go to the MyWorkChoice kiosk tablet in the facility and enter your "timeclock pin" and select "login."

Select the red button "end shift."

A pop-up message will ask you to confirm to end of your shift. Select the green button that says "yes."

Once you select "yes" you'll see this confirmation pop-up message like below. After, select "log out" and leave the facility. 👋

If you have any troubles clocking in or clocking out please contact your Community Director.

Please Note: Following our timeclock rules is important to keep operations running smoothly. Failure to follow our timeclock guidelines will lead to Time Clock Violations, which could result in a temporary shift restriction. For questions, you may send us a chat message or reach out to your Community Director.

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