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MyWorkChoice App Tips & How-Tos πŸ“²
MyWorkChoice App Tips & How-Tos πŸ“²

How to download the MyWorkChoice app, update the app to the latest version, and step by step instructions on how to reset your password.

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Haven't downloaded the MyWorkChoice app yet or need to reset your password?

Here are some helpful tips and how-tos:

How to Download the MyWorkChoice App

Before you can schedule your first shift you'll be required to download the MyWorkChoice app on your IOS device (Apple) or Andriod device.

Pro tip: Log into the app using the same email address you used when applying for a job with MyWorkChoice. Can't remember? Here's how you can reset your password.

How to Update the App

We frequently make updates to the MyWorkChoice app to make it a better experience for our workers. From bug fixes to new features - when we release a new app version you'll want to update asap.

Based on your phone settings you can automatically download the latest version of the app OR manually go to the Google Play or Apple App Store to update to the latest version.

How to Reset Your Password

Yikes - forgot your password? Here's how you can reset your password to access your profile in the app or we can do it for you! Send us a chat message.

Open the MyWorkChoice App and select "Reset Your Password" above the green login button.

Type in your email address and select the "Submit" button.

You'll see this confirmation to go check your email.

Open your email and select the "open this link" hyperlink.

Enter in your new password twice and select "Submit."


Click on the "Log In" hyperlink which will send you to the MyWorkChoice app login screen.


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