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How to Check-In Using the App📱
How to Check-In Using the App📱
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Before starting your shift we need to know you're present in the facility and ready to work your shift. Check-in using the MyWorkChoice app by following these step-by-step instructions.

If you have any technical issues please contact your Community Director.

First, open your app while onsite, and on the dashboard, you'll see your upcoming shift. Select the "check-in" green button.

After you "check-in" you'll see a confirmation screen shown.

Common Questions & Answers:

Q: You don't see your scheduled shift on the home screen in the MyWorkChoice app?

A: Please reach out directly to your Community Director.

Q: You're not able to check in?

A: Make sure your location service is turned on for the MyWorkChoice app or make sure you're within the radius of the check in area.

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