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Schedule Multiple Shifts in the App 📲
Schedule Multiple Shifts in the App 📲
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Schedule Multiple Shifts at Once

Scheduling shifts for the week just got a shift-ton easier! Now in the MyWorkChoice app, 3+ Star workers can schedule multiple shifts for the week at ONE time. Heeello, to fewer clicks! (Make sure you've updated the MyWorkChoice app in the app store).

Step by Step Instructions: How it Works

Log in to the app and go to available shifts under the "My Shifts" screen and select the "Schedule Shifts" green button.

Scroll through all the available shifts that week and select only the shifts you know you're able to work. Note - when you select a shift it will automatically grey out other shifts that are during that same time. Once the shifts are selected you'll see the total hours above the "Schedule Shifts" green button.

Next, you'll review a schedule summary where you can double-check all the shifts you selected for the week. This gives you the opportunity to go back and make any adjustments using the blue and white arrow icon. Once you review tap the "Schedule Shifts" green button. *Please note that you're not able to schedule more than 40 hours in a week.

Finally, you'll make a final review and confirm. This is when you've officially scheduled your shifts!

Common Reasons Why a Shift Didn't Schedule

Sometimes you may select a shift that you're not able to schedule. In these cases, you'll see a red circle with a white x icon and a brief explanation in red below the shift information. Here are several common reasons why a shift didn't schedule explained. If you have any questions, we're here to help! Please contact the recruiting center through the in-app chat or give us a call - at 866-824-4898.

The Shift Overlaps with Another

A shift you already scheduled overlaps the time of a shift you already selected.

This Shift is Filled

Other workers have selected this shift and unfortunately, they are no more openings. However, MyWorkChoice workers often drop shifts frequently, so make sure to daily check the app, this shift may open up!

You're Not Approved. Contact Us.

This is a shift you are not able to select because you may not have the necessary training needed. In this case, please contact us by sending a chat message in the app!

You Already Have a Training Shift Scheduled.

The shift you selected conflicts with another training shift you previously scheduled.

You Already Have Scheduled this Shift

Looks like you already scheduled this shift previously. You will not be able to schedule a shift you're already scheduled for!

You've Exceeded the 40 Hours a Week Max

The last shift you selected puts your total amount of hours over the 40 hours a week maximum. MyWorkChoice workers are not able to work more then 40 hours in one week.

You've Exceeded the 12 Hours a Day Max

The shifts you selected for one day exceed 12 hours which is the maximum you can work.

Shift Start Time Has Already Passed

A shift that you selected has already started. You will be unable to schedule this shift since it is already in progress.

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