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How to complete Federal W4

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Below are general instructions on completing the 2021 W4 form. They are designed to provide information on completing the form but should not be taken as tax advice. Consulting a tax specialist is highly recommended.

Additional resources can be found on the IRS website in their FAQ section at:

Step 1: Enter Personal Information

You will need to fill out your basic information: 1) Name; 2) Social Security number; 3) Address; 4) City/town, state, and ZIP; 5) Filing status


Step 2: Multiple Jobs or Spouse Works

Most commonly, this step is for anyone who has more than one job or is married filing jointly and whose spouse works.


Step 3: Claim Dependents

This section determines your eligibility for the child tax credit. It’s a relatively simple step to complete:

2020 W-4 Form: Step 3: Claim Dependents- EE

Step 4: Other Adjustments

This section optional and is for various things you may want to account for. 

2020 W-4 Form Step 4 Other Adjustments Employee

Step 5: Sign the form

Keep in mind that if you don’t sign the form, it’s invalid. That means your employer will disregard your new W-4 selections and withholding, and instead calculate your withholding as “Single.”

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