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How to Activate Your Wisely Cash Card 💳
How to Activate Your Wisely Cash Card 💳

This article will help you learn how to activate you Wisley card.

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Please always keep this Wisely Cash Card with you as you have opted out of the Direct Deposit option for your primary method of pay. You will need to activate your card by following the directions within the envelope you received from your Community Director. Please read through the supporting documentation accompanying the card for important information regarding fee schedules, replacement procedures, etc.

The card will not allow you to activate it until your 1st paycheck has been loaded onto it, which will be the 1st Friday after following the week you started your assignment.

Please note: Wisely Cash Card will not work with EarnIn to access your pay as you earn it.

If at any time you would like to change your method of pay to Direct Deposit or need to replace your Wisley card, please contact your Community Director or Leader as soon as possible.

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