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Choosing a Client in the App 📍
Choosing a Client in the App 📍

This article walks you through how to select the client you want to work for through our mobile app.

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One of the most important decisions you will make with MyWorkChoice will be what client you work for.

The process for choosing a client is simple!

  1. Once you log into your app, at the bottom of your screen click the "Jobs" button.

  2. You will be brought to the map and you will see green dots on the map. These are our available clients in your area. You can select to work at one location or all!

  3. Simply click on the client you want to learn more about and the client information screen will come up.

  4. Here you will learn about the client, address, pay rate, etc.

  5. Once you are ready to choose a client you will see the shifts this client has to offer below the description on the client page. Click on a shift to get started.

  6. Once you click on the shift, at the bottom of the screen click the yellow "GET STARTED" button.

  7. You will be brought to a Certification Process Started screen with instructions on the next steps. At the bottom there will be a green "GO TO DASHBOARD" button, click there.

  8. You will be brought back to the dashboard and the client orientation task will be there waiting for you to complete.

To select a nearby location to work at follow the same steps as you did to select the first location and the new locations client orientation will be issued to you. We hope this article helps you on your journey to choosing the best client for you! As always if you need additional help, simply reach out in chat and someone will be there waiting to help!

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