Accessing Your 2024 W2

How do I get my W2?, Where do I get my W2?

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Tax season can be a hectic time, but we're here to help! Follow these easy steps to quickly access your W2 from MyWorkChoice.

Check Your Email: Look out for an email from us that contains the link to your W2 and paystubs.

Log In Easily: Click the link in the email, or directly visit the HR Center here. If you've forgotten your password, simply select "Forgot password?" on the login page.

Reset Your Password: Follow the steps to reset your password using the username we provided in the initial email (detailed instructions below).

New Password Confirmation: After requesting a reset link, check your email for the link to create a new password.

Access Your Account: With your new password, you'll be automatically logged into your account.

Mobile Users: Choose 'Desktop Version' on your phone before continuing. (See below).

Locate Your W-2: On the home screen, find ‘Manage W-2’s’ next to ‘Your To-Do List’.

Download or Print W-2: Select the year to download your W2 as a PDF. Feel free to print it if needed.

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